33 Union St, #6 Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts 01944, United States

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"Alexander Technique is life-changing! All my fiddling and dancing issues were solved and continue to be maintained under Larry Young's expert supervision (I grew a half inch this year! Woohoo!). Larry is the kindest and most patient teacher and works to calm the mind as well as the body." 

E.R., professional musician and recording artist

"Dr. Levy, I wanted to report back to you that I took Alexander Technique lessons from Larry Young, as you had recommended. 

He is an excellent teacher. I learned how to carry myself, bend, walk, and move with less stress as well as helpful mindfulness techniques such as performing activities at 80% and becoming more observant of where in my body I am tense and where relaxed. The lessons didn't cure my headaches but I do notice that they are less intense, and I do not get tired as easily (which tends to bring the headache on).  So, had a very positive experience with Larry Young. 


Gloucester, Mass.

"Alexander Technique lessons with Larry have given me a new way of moving through life. I can apply what I've learned to any and all activities in my life. I find that I am much less tired at the end of the day, many of the chronic aches and pains I attributed to aging have gone away.


Salem, Mass.

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